Boomtown Earns Praise from the Wall Street Journal

by Toby Krout Executive Director

It was our great honor to be featured recently in the Wall Street Journal for our strong emphasis
on startup finances as a part of our unique curriculum, led by Boomtown’s CFO, Jason

Kimberly S. Johnson, editor of the CFO Journal at the WSJ, became interested in Boomtown
because we’re one of the only — if not the only — accelerator program with a full-time CFO on
staff. While many programs offer financial advice to their teams, that guidance often comes from
volunteer mentors. While mentors are a critical part of any accelerator — including Boomtown
— we consider the financial element to be critical and worthy of a full-time CFO. Relying on
mentors in this area could leave gaps if a key financial mentor is not available for a session or
cannot spend the time needed across many teams in a single session.

In her article, Johnson had this to say about Boomtown’s approach: “Now, a new generation of
programs is placing more emphasis on the financial aspects of launching a successful
business… In addition to technical resources, the [Boomtown] curriculum provides legal and
financial training.” Jason also noted in the article that, “by the third week, companies are
developing their business models, estimating granular-level expenses and figuring out ‘the
underlying assumptions that drive those expenses.’”

Strong finances are the foundation on which every business must build. We made the decision
early on to add Jason to our staff — a true CFO with strong, varied experience to be there for all
our teams on a full-time basis.

When we considered candidates, Jason stood out not only for his work in the venture and
investment community, but for his leadership positions with some of the leading international
financial institutions. He served as the CFO for both Longford Capital Management as well as
the CFO and COO of Infrastructure Services for the Americas for the Royal Bank of Scotland
Group. Even beyond Boomtown, Jason is an active advisor and angel investor to startups
throughout the country.

At Boomtown, we believe a strong financial element is critical to our curriculum. Not only do
investors want to work with companies to understand exactly what their capital needs are —
and to take on only what they need, no less and certainly no more — we also know that the best
potential investors look forward to working with entrepreneurs who understand the financial side
of the business. The Wall Street Journal article reinforced this belief.

“Most entrepreneurs don’t see finances and a core function,” Robert Okabe, who leads
commercialization efforts for Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the
University of Chicago, said in the article. He went on to note, “it’s good for me as an investor to
have a reasonably informed entrepreneur on the other end of the table.”

We want to thank Kimberly and the team at the Wall Street Journal for taking the time to learn
about unique our financial approach. You can see the complete article here (subscription
required.) If you’d like to learn more about Boomtown and how to apply, please click click here.

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